1 November 2015

Roadsters – Permanent Numbers for 5-time Finishers

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Those who have completed either five (5) Auckland Marathons or five (5) Auckland Half Marathons (not a combination of both) since 1994 will be inducted into the Hall of Fame as Roadsters. They will receive a permanent race number in perpetuity. Below is the current list of Roadsters following the 2013 event.

If you think you qualify for Roadster status, send an email to registration@aucklandmarathon.co.nz with your name, race numbers and corresponding event years to receive your roadster number. Please note Roadster numbers are not allocated automatically and it is up to the participant to make contact with the organisers when they believe they qualify for Roadster status.

Please note: you must have applied for your roadster number in writing (email, fax, letter) with the organisers no later than 5pm Friday 26 September 2014 to ensure you have your number for this year’s event. All applications received after this date will not be processed until after the event.

How to enter online when you have a Roadster number

  • To ensure you receive your Roadster number when you enter online, you need to select the 'Roadster' option from within the Bib Category field in the online registration form.
  • This tells the registration system not to allocate you a generic bib number. Instead, you will be sent an automated e-ticket with a reference number, not an official generic bib number.
  • Your Roadster number will be manually added to your entry in due course and a new e-ticket containing your individual Roadster number will be emailed to you. To speed up this process for you, please email registration@aucklandmarathon.co.nz to advise of your completed registration.
  • Please ensure you bring this new e-ticket including your Roadster number to Registration (do not bring the original e-ticket with the reference number as this is not valid)
  • Please note normal late fees apply.  Click here to find out more information.
  • Please ensure only Full Marathon runners receive a medal after completing the Full Marathon event. 
Note: It is the Roadsters responsibility to complete the online registration process correctly. If you fail to select the Roadster option when entering online, you will not receive your Roadster number unless you contact the organisers to advise of the error which can then be corrected for you.

Roadster Hall of Fame

Please select one of the links below to view the relevant Roadster list (PDF)

Marathon RoadstersHalf Marathon Roadsters


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