1 November 2015

Results & Policy

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Timing & Results

1. Event Director provide timing services for the Auckland Marathon event and are contracted to deliver and manage the timing and final results for the Event Organisers.

2. Event Director provide timing services to most of the major Marathon events in Australasia. As with any technology there is no 100% foolproof way of guaranteeing the results at any of these events. A number of factors need to be considered:

a. Participant Responsibility - If a participant chooses not to follow the correct line over the timing mats which are set in strategic locations throughout the course, and runs or walks around the side or edge of the timing mat, their time will not be picked up by the mat and will not be recorded. It is the participant's responsibility to run over the timing mats correctly.

b. Technology – As with any technology, the monitoring of timing chips is not fully 100% accurate which is a result of a number of contributing factors including but not limited to:

  • the way/orientation that chips are tied to shoes
  • power failure
  • power surges
  • chips failing
  • timing boxes failing
  • signal interference (e.g. a significant amount of steel in the surrounding environment)

c. Event Director provide the best service they can with the technology available to them.

3. The  Auckland Marathon is run according to International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) rules:

a. Results and prize allocation are awarded based on the participant's gun time.

b. Net time is for the participant's personal use only.

c. The majority of major Marathon events around the world, including the  Auckland Marathon, use gun time over net time for results placing's. For further reading on this topic please visit

Official Results

1. The published final official Auckland Marathon results are deemed final by the Event Organisers. For the first few days immediately following the event preliminary results are published and are subject to change pending the final allocation of results.

2. All participants are required to sign the event waiver and release upon entering. Participants acknowledge that the Event Organisers have the absolute right and discretion in the allocation of all results, as well as in the award of any prizes, prize money, prize money jackpot or third party prize or award. Participants must abide fully and without dispute with all such decisions of the Event Organisers.

3. No discussion or correspondence regarding any results, prizes and prize money will be entered into by the Event Organisers.


1. Any participant who decides on the day to start or finish in a different event to the one they are entered in will be automatically disqualified (this is an automated function of the Timing software). An official event transfer must be made prior to event day to avoid disqualification in this instance.

2. Any participant found to be competing under another person’s entry will be automatically disqualified. An official participant transfer must also be made prior to event day in this instance.


1. The Auckland Marathon is primarily a competitive running event.

2. Walking is not an official "Event" category of the Auckland Marathon carrying any competitive status and is not part of any other sub-event within the Auckland Marathon such as a national or area championship so is not scrutinized. The Auckland Marathon is not a competitive walk event and will not be scrutinized as a walk event. Walkers are numbered differently solely for start purposes only.

3. The Auckland Marathon entry form (online and download) requires participants to nominate their chosen event and whether they will run or walk in the Marathon or Half Marathon events.

4. Walkers and runners are allocated different bib colours and numbering systems solely for starting purposes only. As a fundamental safety measure for both walkers and runners, participants entered as walkers start behind the runners to ensure as smooth a flow as possible through the starting line and the early stages of the event.

5. There is no competition prize category or separate results for walkers and therefore walkers are not scrutinized in any of the Auckland Marathon events.

6. Walkers who choose to run at times during their chosen event on the day (and vice versa) are not penalised.

7. After careful consideration and in consultation with local authorities, due to considerable safety and logistical concerns on the course, all forms of wheeled conveyance including but not limited to wheelchairs, cycles, roller blades, prams/buggies, skate-boards etc are not permitted to enter or participate in the event.

For safety reasons walking sticks (e.g alpine, Nordic poles, crutches etc) are also not permitted on the course.

8. No discussion or correspondence regarding any points outlined above will be entered into by the Event Organisers.

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