1 November 2015


Become a Heart Racer™ and join the race to save lives

“Become a Heart Racer™ and join the race to save lives

Who are the Heart Racers™?

Heart Racers are an inspiring group of New Zealanders who challenge themselves to not only participate in events like the Auckland Marathon but to help raise funds for the Heart Foundation while tackling their personal goals. Heart Racers come from all walks of life - and you probably know some already - all of whom share a passion: to stop premature deaths from heart disease.

What is the Heart Foundation?

The Heart Foundation is New Zealand’s heart health charity. We are committed to helping people affected by heart disease. We fund vital, lifesaving research. We help people make healthy living choices. We run programmes to encourage Kiwi heart health.

Why is the Heart Foundation raising funds?

Heart disease is the single biggest killer in New Zealand. However, many of these deaths are premature and preventable. Funds raised by the Heart Foundation are used to undertake vital research and provide information to New Zealanders on how they can best look after their hearts. The Heart Foundation relies on charitable donations to carry on its work to ensure every New Zealander can fulfil their lifetime.

Should I sign up as a Heart Racer™?

Yes! Signing up is entirely free and is as easy as clicking www.heartracer.org.nz. Once you're registered you'll have your own fundraising page. Here you can blog away, update everyone on how your training is going, upload your photos and provide a secure and easy way for your friends and family to support your amazing fundraising efforts for the Heart Foundation. Along the way Heart Racers will also receive a number of training and nutrition tips from the Heart Foundation team to ensure you are in top shape before race day.

Which events can I enter to become a Heart Racer™?

You can any enter any of the Auckland Marathon events and sign up to be a Heart Racer™:

• Marathon

• Half marathon

• Quarter Marathon

• Heart Foundation 5km Challenge

• Kids' marathon

Where can I get more information on Heart Racers™ and the Heart Foundation?

For more information on the work of the Heart Foundation, joining Heart Racers™ or fundraising tips, please contact: Kimberley Waters


Heart Foundation

Email: kimberleyw@heartfoundation.org.nz

Ph: +64 9 526 0890







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