1 November 2015

Golden Charities

Why not run one of our great events and raise money for charity at the same time?

The Golden Charity Entries will give you extra support from the minute you commit to running for your chosen charity to when you cross the finishing line and beyond.

What a charity offers you will differ between charities, so you need to check with them, but the support will include one or more of the following:

·         Training Guides - 20 pages of training information, including training plans (all charities offer these)

·         The Q&A Place - our online experts give you all you need to know on training, injuries, nutrition, event latest and more (all charities offer this)

·         A training day where you can meet fellow charity runners and get tips from a running expert

·         Facebook and Twitter updates from your charity, including the latest news on their work and fundraising support as well as a Group page where you can chat online with others running for that charity

·         Detailed fundraising tips, advice and guidance on how to meet your fundraising target

·         Cheering points on race day that will give you a much needed lift!

·         A post race function to thank you for all of your efforts

Entries for the 2015 Golden Charity Programme are now open!                              

To find out which charities offer these great new Golden Charity Entries just click on one of the links below: 

New Zealand charity listings

Australian charity listings



United Kingdom charity listings

United States charity listings


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