Kids Marathon



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What is the KIDS MARATHON?

KIDS MARATHON can be an 8 week, 10 week or 12 week training programme that enables all kids age 7 - 13 to complete a full marathon (42.195 kilometres) by running between approximately 3-5 kilometres per week depending on the training programme.  

By doing so kids develop life-long fitness skills, social emotional learning, the tremendous feeling of accomplishment and confidence for themselves, without the high risk involved with young kids running a full marathon in one day.

The programme is completed in grand fashion as each kid is able to finish the final 2.195 kilometres of the marathon distance in front of thousands of cheering fans, friends and family through the finish line of the ASB Auckland Marathon on 30 October 2016.


  • DATE

    30 October 2016


    Cnr Beaumont and Madden Street


All start times and event courses are subject to change dependent on road conditions and road availability.  The start times and event courses will be confirmed in advance of the event and course description and maps will be updated with the final event course.



  • Who participates in KIDS MARATHON?

KIDS MARATHON was embraced by 31 Auckland schools, and over 1350 participants in 2014. All kids age 7-13 are welcome to participate and benefit from this life changing programme. Because the goal of the programme is to 'FINISH', kids of all levels of ability can participate and be successful.


There are many and well documented problems in New Zealand and countries around the world related to lack of physical activity and failure to adhere to general healthy living habits. KIDS MARATHON offers a simple yet rewarding solution to many of these problems plaguing youth today.

  • The evidence is in the children. Nationally, obesity rates have nearly quintupled among 6 to 11 year olds and tripled among teens and children aged 2 to 5 since the 1970's. The future medical consequences of obesity in New Zealand - heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, even orthopaedic problems are predicted by some commentators to cripple the health industry.
  • KIDS MARATHON specifically targets all kids aged 7-13 at primary and intermediate school, with a programme that includes activities proven to reduce the risk of childhood obesity. It is the intention of KIDS MARATHON at some stage in the future to hopefully partner with expert professionals in Nutrition Education and Behavioural Nutrition, Children's Exercise, Dermatology, Paediatrics, Cardiologists, psychology and other child health related specialists.
  • Many kids do not participate in physical activity because of competition for leisure time. Activities such as television and video games have replaced time that used to be spent playing outdoors.
  • By partnering with large events and drawing upon strong connections in the elite sports world, we are able to once again get kids excited about physical activity.
  • How is the Programme facilitated?

Kids can enter either individually via the web site or via their participating school (Kids/Parents will need to ask their school if it is part of the programme).

Once the programme begins at a school, kids will meet 3, 4 or 5 times per week (depending on the training programme) for a group exercise session supervised by their teacher-coach / supervisor. On an average day kids will participate in a proper warm-up, complete the required distance* by running or walking between 1 – 2 kilometers per session, participate in running drills and games and participate in a cool-down activity.

Kids are encouraged to involve their parent(s) by running from home or a nearby park at least once per week.

* The required running/walking distances per session are outlined in their training guides. Each day has a box with a distance to be covered where a signature can be placed to signify the completion of each requirement.

  • How does this Programme change lives?

Many running events have joined the kid's fitness movement and are now including youth races and fun runs as part of the day’s festivities. Unfortunately some of these one day events often fall short in creating a lifestyle of healthy habits and physical activity in the lives of their participants.

On the other hand, KIDS MARATHON helps to develop a new way of life for kids, where they learn new social skills that empower them with Emotional learning, Knowledge and Character building necessary to succeed in this task. KIDS MARATHON will help with the Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional development for the 'Long Run of Life.'

  • Key Facts of Programme
  • 12, 10 or 8 week programmes
  • Programmes should start w/c 8th August, 22nd August, 5th September 2016
  • 3-4k per week for 12 weeks
  • 4k per week for 10 weeks
  • 5k per week for 8 weeks
  • 1k per session
  • Final 2.195k completed on race day of ASB Auckland Marathon
  • Finish through main finish gantry on Fanshawe St of ASB Auckland Marathon
  • Entries cost $25.00 per child (please note entry fee is non refundable and non transferable)
  • Entries are to be completed through the online entry process at or via their participating school
  • Downloads
  • Running for Starship - Kids doing it for Kids!

Every year there are nearly 130,000 patient visits to Starship Hospital by kids from all over New Zealand. By fundraising for Starship, you can help someone just like you!
All you need to do is ask your parents, family and family-friends to sponsor your Kids' Marathon by asking them to donate through your sponsorship form, which you can download here .

For more information, visit

KIDS MARATHON Event Information

  • Event Information


Sunday 30 October 2016

Assembly Point:

Madden Street, from 10am

Start Time:

First start is for 10 – 13 year olds (no parent permitted to run)
Second start is for 7 – 9 year olds only (one parent can run)

Start Line:

Beaumont Street, at the corner of Madden Street.




Down Beaumont Street 
Continue onto Hamer Street
Around the Tank Farm onto Brigham Street
Left into Jellicoe Street
Right into Halsey Street
Right into Fanshawe St to finish line

Finish Line:

Fanshawe Street outside Victoria Park opposite the Caltex Station

  • Additional Race Information
  • For the 7 -9 year old start one parent can run with their child (only one entry fee)
  • For the 10 – 13 year old start parents are not permitted to run with their kids
  • Finish area only approx 600 metres from start area enabling parents to be at both
  • Each child finisher will receive a medal on completion of the course
  • Each child finisher will have access to a free downloadable online certificate with their time recorded or can purchase a printed A4 card certificate when entering
  • Registration / Race Pack Collection

 Participants must bring their eTicket with them to collect their Race Pack from Race Headquarters, Registration & Expo, Viaduct Events Centre, 161 Halsey Street, Auckland City, between the following hours:

  • Friday 28 October                 8:00am - 7:00pm
  • Saturday 29 October             8:00am - 5:00pm

Race packs include your race number and timing chip

  • Race Numbers

A different coloured race number will be provided at Registration for entrants in each event for ease of identification. The Race Number must be worn on the front of your singlet/shirt and be visible at all times. Failure to do so will result in disqualification or you being removed from the course during the event.

Please complete the section on the back of your race number with your name, any medical conditions and importantly a contact name and phone number (other than your own) in case of emergency.

  • Timing System

Each entrant receives their own race number for race day.  At registration, all participants will be issued with a disposable timing chip that will be attached to their race bib.

  • Toilets

Toilets will be provided for participants at the following locations:

  • Finish, Victoria Park
  • Medical

The Order of St John ambulances will be located at regular points along the route and each Support Station will provide minor first aid if required. A full medical clinic will be at the finish. In the event of a medical emergency, dial 111 from the nearest phone and the closest ambulance will be sent to your aid.

If you have a medical condition that could cause you difficulties during or after the race, please first get clearance from your doctor to participate in your event before entering.

Please Note: Remember to complete the section on the back of your race number with your name, any medical conditions and importantly a contact name and phone number (other than your own) in case of emergency.

  • Results

Provisional results will be printed and posted from 12:00pm at the finish venue during the day. Results will be posted to the web site by 7:00pm Sunday 30 October 2016.

  • Photographs

Photographs of all finishers will be taken within 100 metres of the finish line. Samples of these photos will be available with your result listing shortly after the race for your inspection prior to purchase. You can also purchase your photos online from .

  • Medal

Each child finisher will receive a medal on completion of the course.

  • Certificates

Each child finisher will have access to a free downloadable online certificate with their time recorded or can purchase a printed A4 card certificate when entering.  Finishers will be able to download their own online certificate after 9:00pm Sunday 30 October 2016 at no cost.

If you wish to receive a printed A4 card certificate by mail, an additional $7.50 fee is payable with your entry fee. The certificate will be posted within 3 weeks of the event in a standard envelope.

Please note: 

  • Any damage to the certificate caused by the postal service is not the responsibility of the Event Organisers.
  • Please ensure you spell your address details correctly when entering otherwise you run the risk of not receiving your certificate.
  • If you change your address at any stage before the event, please email so that we can update your entry details and ensure your certificate is posted to the correct address after the event.