John West 12k Traverse

The John West 12k Traverse course runs from Smales Farm Bus Stations on Auckland's North Shore, along the Busway southbound to the Auckland Harbour Bridge. After crossing the Bridge, the course takes in Westhaven Marina, the Tank Farm and Viaduct Harbour before turning onto Fanshawe Street for a finish at Victoria Park.

The course is best described as "rolling".

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  • DATE

    30 October 2016


    Smales Farm Bus Station, Northcote



  • Course Description
  • The start is at the Smales Farm Bus Station in Northcote.
  • The course starts along the Busway southbound and runs all the way through to the Auckland Harbour Bridge, taking in the Akoranga bus station which incorporates the 11k support station.
  • The course continues past the Onewa Rd southbound on-ramp, onto the approach to the Bridge, and takes the left-hand outside southbound (city-side) lane up and over the Bridge. The bridge is officially 1,021 metres long and, from the approach, is a climb of 33 metres to the crest (43 metres from sea-level).
  • At the southern end of the Bridge, the course takes the Shelly Beach Road off-ramp before turning right onto Sarsfield Street.
  • This turn marks the start of the Heart Foundation 5k Challenge. From the turn into Sarsfield Street at just over 16k, the course heads along Sarsfield Street before turning right onto Curran Street and descending past the next support station, to Westhaven Drive for a flat run along the Westhaven Marina.
  • From Westhaven, the course turns left into Beaumont Street, where another support station is situated, and continues onto Hamer Street.
  • The course continues onto Brigham Street before turning left onto Jellicoe Street.
  • From Jellicoe St the course turns right into Halsey Street, and then right on to Fanshawe Street for the run to the finish.
  • Auckland Harbour Bridge

The Auckland Harbour Bridge will remain open to traffic at the same time as participants will be crossing the bridge. Only the Eastern/left Hand "Clip-on Lanes" have been reserved for the event and will be closed to traffic. You must obey all Marshalls and/or Police instructions at all times.

Participants must at all times remain in the outside Lane. Under no circumstances are runners allowed to run in the adjoining/right hand lane. This lane will be reserved for emergency and bridge services only.

Any participant who continues to run in this right hand/Emergency Lane will be disqualified.

All participants must be off the bridge by 10:10am. A following vehicle will collect any participants from the bridge at this time and transport them on to Sarsfield St.

  • 12k Traverse Start Procedure

Subject to the event contingency plans and the event conditions the 12k Traverse will start at Smales Farm, Northcote, North Shore City.

The start area will be divided into two sections located one in front of the other.

  • In the front section will be all runners entered in the 12k Traverse.
  • Behind this section will be walkers entered in the 12k Traverse If you are a walker please do not assemble in the runners’ area or anywhere near the front of the field.

Access to each section will be by the colour of your Race Number.

The start section system is designed to aid in the safe flow of participants across the start line and will assist in ensuring that all participants have the best opportunity of reaching the Auckland Harbour Bridge prior to the cut-off time of 9:50am.

  • Course Cut-off Times

It is a requirement that the Auckland Harbour Bridge be fully open for traffic from 11:00am. 12k Traverse participants wishing to ensure they the make the Bridge by cut-off time should have cleared the following point by the following time:

  • Onewa Road Southbound on-ramp (4k) - 9:50am

Any participant still on the Auckland Harbour Bridge at 10:10am will be transported across the bridge to Sarsfield Street to continue the event.

This event is designed primarily as a running event and is definitely not a casual walk - a minimum of a brisk walk is required as a strict cut-off time to reach the Onewa Interchange before the Harbour Bridge will apply.

  • Course Distance Markers

Kilometre marks will be provided.  These kilometre markers will be located on lamp posts approximately 2 metres off the ground along the course.

  • Measured Course

The course is measured in accordance with IAAF guidelines. In summary, the course is accurate and times can be used for example as Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games qualifiers. The Auckland Marathon is a full AIMS member.

  • Support Stations

There are 5 Support Stations for the 12k Traverse, including the one at the Start and one at the Finish. Each Support Station will include a minimum of water, Portaloos and minor first aid support.

The street locations of the Support Stations are as follows:

  1. Traverse Start venue – Smales Farm Bus Station (water only)
  2. 2k Akoranga Bus Station, Northcote (will also include Powerade)
  3. 7k Curran Street (will also include Powerade)
  4. 10k Beaumont Street (will also include Powerade)
  5. Finish Venue, Victoria Park, Auckland City. (Powerade, Bananas)
  • Course Changes

All start times and event courses are subject to change dependent on road conditions and road availability.  The start times and event courses will be confirmed in advance of the event and course description and maps will be updated with the final event course.


  • Gear Bags

At Race Headquarters, you will be supplied with a Race Pack Gear Bag and bag tag with your race number on it. This bag is for you to leave any surplus gear that you have at the start in Smales Farm. This will then be transported to the finish for collection, once you have completed your event. Only this gear bag will be accepted for storage.   Please place your gear bag in the Cage with the number range that corresponds to your Race Number. All clothing is to be placed in the Gear Bag provided at Registration (NOT A SPORTS BAG OR ANY OTHER BAG) and clearly marked with your numbered gear bag tag. Gear bags can be collected from the Gear Trucks located by the Motorway Flyover at the finish venue, Victoria Park.

  • Race Numbers

A different coloured race number will be provided at Registration for entrants in each event for ease of identification. The Race Number must be worn on the front of your singlet/shirt and be visible at all times. Failure to do so will result in disqualification or you being removed from the course during the event.

Please complete the section on the back of your race number with your name, any medical conditions and importantly a contact name and phone number (other than your own) in case of emergency.

  • Timing System

Timing Sports provides timing services for the ASB Auckland Marathon event and are contracted to deliver and manage the timing and final results for the Event Organisers.
This timing system has many advantages for all participants, including:

  • Fast and accurate results at the event.
  • Net times; the timing chip will register individual start times, even when participants are at the back of the pack.
  • Provisional results are based on gun time and will be posted at the finish venue on race day.
  • Results published to the web site for you, your family and friends.
  • Timing Chip

At registration, all participants will be issued with a disposable timing chip that will be attached to your race bib.

  • Toilets

Toilets will be provided for participants at the following locations:

  • 12k Traverse Start, Smales Farm
  • Finish, Victoria Park
  • Each Support Station

No additional facilities will be provided along the route by the Organisers. There are several public facilities located along the route.

Urinals for men will be available at the 12k Traverse Start to assist with waiting times. The organisers ask that all men utilise these multi-urinal units where at all possible.

  • Medical

The Order of St John ambulances will be located at regular points along the route and each Support Station will provide minor first aid if required. A full medical clinic will be at the finish. In the event of a medical emergency, dial 111 from the nearest phone and the closest ambulance will be sent to your aid.

If you have a medical condition that could cause you difficulties during or after the race, please first get clearance from your doctor to participate in your event before entering.

Please Note: Remember to complete the section on the back of your race number with your name, any medical conditions and importantly a contact name and phone number (other than your own) in case of emergency.

For your safety, it is advised that you do not participate in the event if you have had a fever or cold in the past week, or have a hangover, as these can contribute towards heat exhaustion, dehydration, or life threatening heatstroke.

  • T-Shirts

All entrants in the 12k Traverse will each receive a free ASICS event T-Shirt. T-Shirts will be distributed with your Race Pack at Registration prior to the event.

T-Shirts will be available in both men's and women's cut. The T-Shirts are designed to be a smaller fit for the technology fabric to work effectively, if you prefer a looser or longer fitting t-shirt then select the next size up to what you would normally wear.

Please ensure you identify your correct T-Shirt size on your entry form. T-Shirt sizes cannot be swapped or changed at Registration.

  • Results

Provisional results will be printed and posted from 12:00pm at the finish venue during the day. Results will be posted to the web site by 7:00pm Sunday 30 October 2016. The published final official Auckland Marathon results are deemed final by the Event Organisers. For the first few days immediately following the event preliminary results are published and are subject to change pending the final allocation of results.

All participants are required to sign the event waiver and release upon entering. Participants acknowledge that the Event Organisers have the absolute right and discretion in the allocation of all results, as well as in the award of any prizes, prize money, prize money jackpot or third party prize or award. Participants must abide fully and without dispute with all such decisions of the Event Organisers.

No discussion or correspondence regarding any results, prizes and prize money will be entered into by the Event Organisers.

  • Photographs

Photographs of all finishers will be taken within 100m of the finish line. Samples of these photos will be available with your result listing shortly after the race for your inspection prior to purchase. You can also purchase your photos online from

  • Certificates

Finishers will be able to download their own online certificate after 9:00pm Sunday 30 October 2016 at no cost.

If you wish to receive a printed A4 card certificate by mail, an additional $7.50 fee is payable with your entry fee. The certificate will be posted within 3 weeks of the event in a standard envelope.

Please note:

  • Any damage to the certificate caused by the postal service is not the responsibility of the Event Organisers.
  • Please ensure you spell your address details correctly when entering otherwise you run the risk of not receiving your certificate.
  • If you change your address at any stage before the event, please email so that we can update your entry details and ensure your certificate is posted to the correct address after the event.


  • Contingency Plans

In the event of adverse weather or any other consideration or matter causing the Auckland Harbour Bridge or any other part of the course to be closed to participants prior to 5:00am on race day, where possible an alternative course will be provided for the 12k Traverse starting and finishing at Victoria Park.

If, in the opinion of the Race organisers an alternative course cannot be implemented then the event will be cancelled and entry fees are non-refundable.

  • Contingency Plan - Bridge Closure

In the event that the Auckland Harbour Bridge is closed for the running of the 12k Traverse or some other unforeseen event or matter requires a change to the course or event, or the cancellation or cessation (i.e. stopping) of the event, the Race Organising Committee will adopt the following procedures to provide an alternative course, where possible, for the event, or, alternatively upon cancellation or cessation, assist participants to be returned to Victoria Park.
The trigger for implementing one of the two contingency plans will be:

  1. The Race Director being advised by the relevant authorities that the weather conditions or some other factor or matter makes it unsafe for runners to cross the Harbour Bridge. This decision will be made around 4:00am on Event Day. In the event of this scenario then the Contingency Course will be implemented
  2. Events or circumstances that lead to the closure of the bridge to participants after 5:00am on Event Day or some other event or matter that closes all or part of the course. In the event of this scenario it will necessitate the cancellation or cessation of the marathon and half marathon events
  • Contingency Plan 1: Bridge Closure before 5:00am - alternative course
  1. Participants waiting for the buses to be advised to go to Victoria Park
  2. Participants waiting at the start and arriving at the start to be advised to go to Victoria Park
  3. Radio stations notified to broadcast prepared announcement regarding the move to the Contingency Course. Stations to tune in to are:
  • More FM - 91.8FM
  • Radio Live - 100.6FM
  • The Edge - 94.2FM
  • The Sound - 93.8FM
  • The Rock - 90.2FM  
  • Mai FM - 88.6FM
  • LiveSport - 1476AM
  • NewsTalkZB – 1080AM
  1. An "All Participants" briefing to be held at Victoria Park at 6:00am and again at 6:30am
  2. At 6:30am the Course Director will confirm with TMP providers and Police that the Contingency Course is fully implemented
  3. The Race Director will, on confirmation that the course is ready, confirm start times for the Marathon, Half Marathon, 12k Traverse, and Heart Foundation 5k Challenge events if appropriate and safe to do so
  • The Contingency Course
The contingency course will, more or less, follow the planned second half of the Full Marathon course with the exception of the following changes:
- The start for the ASB Auckland Full Marathon and the Barfoot and Thompson Half Marathon will be on Fanshawe Street. The start will be no later than 7am.  To assist the flow of runners, the assembled entrants will be strongly urged to group themselves so that elite runners are to the front and walkers are to the back. A rolling start will be needed instead of a mass start for the ASB Auckland Marathon and Barfoot and Thompson Half Marathon 
- The start for the 12k Traverse and the Heart Foundation 5k Challenge will be under the arch on Viaduct Harbour Avenue.  The starts times will be as originally scheduled - 9am for the 12k Traverse and 10am or the Heart Foundation 5k Challenge. To assist the flow of runners, the assembled entrants will be strongly urged to group themselves so that  runners are to the front and walkers are to the back. 
- The start times and start location for the KIDS MARATHON will not change.
- The ASB Auckland Marathon event will follow the second half of the original Full Marathon course out to the St Heliers turn around and return to a turn point in Viaduct Harbour Ave then head back out to St Heliers before returning to the finish on Fanshawe Street.
- The Barfoot and Thompson Half Marathon event will follow the ASB Auckland Marathon course out to the St Heliers turn around and return to the finish on Fanshawe Street.
- The 12k Traverse event will be an out and back via Quay St
- The Heart Foundation 5km Challenge event will also follow the water front course to a turn at around Tinley Street.
Note: The fact that all events are on the same course will require marshals to ensure that the slower entrants do not unreasonably impede the faster runners that will invariably be coming through. Marshals will also need to ensure runners do not stray into the return running lane.
  • Contingency Plan 2: Notice of Bridge Closure or other event after 5:00am - Partial Cancellation of event
  1. Notify Fuller's ferries:
  • To Stop further sailing (if early enough) or;
  • That ferries maybe required to transport participants from Devonport to Auckland and/or, possibly, Fisherman's Wharf to Auckland
  1. Participants waiting at the ferries to be advised to go to Victoria Park
  2. Ritchies Buses will be advised to transport all runners to Victoria Park
  3. Participants waiting at the start and to be advised to go to Victoria Park
  4. Notify radio stations to broadcast prepared announcement regarding the move to the Contingency Course. The stations to tune in to are:
  • MoreFM - 91.8FM
  • Radio Live - 100.6FM
  • The Edge - 94.2FM
  • The Sound - 93.8FM
  • The Rock - 90.2FM
  • Mai FM - 88.6FM
  • LiveSport - 1476AM
  • NewsTalkZB – 1080AM
  1. Smales Farm Bus Station and Akoranga Bus Station course personnel advised to hold all runners in adjacent Business park pending announcement from Race Director (if closure occurs after scheduled start of the Event)
  2. A "Participants" briefing to be held at Smales Farm Business Park or Akoranga Bus Station at 7:30am and again at 8:30am (if closure occurs after scheduled start of the Event), or at Victoria Park if closure occurs before scheduled start of the Event
  3. In the event of Bridge closure only, the Kids Marathon and Heart Foundation 5k Challenge events will start on schedule if appropriate and safe to do so.