Frequently Asked Questions

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This section contains questions that have been asked via email or phone that may be useful for others.

  • What is the distance of the Marathon and Half Marathon?

The Marathon distance is 42.195k. The Half Marathon distance is 21.09k.

  • Is the course closed to traffic?

No, the course is not closed to traffic, and all participants must obey the rules of the road at all times and treat all roads as open.

  • Can you describe the Marathon and Half Marathon course?

The first 13k is undulating (not too steep) - the Auckland Harbour Bridge is a very steady climb of approximately 1k with the balance of the course being flat (see ASB Auckland Marathon and Half Marathon ).

  • What is the distance from the start in Devonport to the Bridge?

Approximately 13.5k.

  • Will there be Pace runners and what are the times they will run?

Yes, there will be Pace Team Leaders for participants wanting to run a specific time.
Each Pace Team Leader will be wearing a helium balloon and a Pace time on the back of their t-shirts. Please click here for Marathon pace times and click here for Half Marathon pace times. Please note times depend on Pace Team Leader availability.

  • Is the course open to Wheelchairs, Cycles, Roller Blades, Prams/Buggies, Skate-Boards, Walking Sticks?

After careful consideration and in consultation with local authorities, due to Health and Safety and logistical concerns on the course, all forms of wheeled conveyance including but not limited to wheelchairs, cycles, roller blades, prams/buggies, skate-boards etc are not permitted to enter or participate in the event. For safety reasons alpine walking sticks or other forms of walking sticks are also not permitted on the course.

The Heart Foundation 5k Challenge is a family friendly event and will therefore allow baby buggies/prams to be used in this event ONLY. The occupant of the baby buggy cannot walk in the event and will not be charged an entry fee.

Accompanying animals are not allowed on the course.

Non-registered persons are not allowed to accompany participants in the event.

  • When do I get my T-Shirt?

ASICS event T-Shirts will be distributed with your Race Pack at Registration prior to the event to all entrants in the ASB Auckland Marathon, Barfoot & Thompson Half Marathon and 12k Traverse events.
Entrants in the Heart Foundation 5k Challenge and KIDS MARATHON will not receive a T-Shirt.

  • Can I transfer between events (for example, from the Marathon to Half Marathon) or transfer my entry to someone else?

Entry Transfer Policy

All online transfers must be completed by 5pm Saturday 29th October. 
Participants can formally transfer their entry to someone else within the same event already entered, or to an open event up until 5:00pm Saturday 29th October.

Entries may be formally transferred upon the payment of a single $25.00 transfer fee. Entries transferred without permission of the Organisers will be invalid and will lead to disqualification. Please click here for Important Transfer Information and click here for the Transfer Process Details.

  • Can I take a baby buggy with me on the course?

No, not for the Marathon, Half Marathon, or 12k Traverse courses; on these course no form of wheeled conveyance are permitted.

Single baby buggies only (not double or triple) will be allowed in the Heart Foundation 5k Challenge Event ONLY. The occupant of the baby buggy cannot walk in the event and will not be charged an entry fee.

  • How do I get to the Marathon and Half Marathon start line?

In association with Fullers Ferries, the event provides a Chartered Ferry Service to the Full and Half Marathon starts. It is recommended that you park on the Auckland City side, purchase a $9.00 one-way ferry ticket and catch the ferry to the start line. Ferry tickets MUST be purchased when completing your online entry form. Return Supporters Tickets are also available and can be purchased for $19.00. Please click here for the 2016 ASB Auckland Marathon Ferry Schedule (Proposed Schedule) and further information on the service.

  • Where do I buy ferry or bus tickets from?

Ferry and North Shore bus tickets MUST be purchased when completing your online entry form. Ferry tickets are limited to approx 7,000 passengers travelling from Auckland City across to Devonport and will be sold on a first come first served basis. Return Ferry Supporters tickets are also available for purchase online or by paper entry as well.

Ferry and Bus tickets will be available for purchase at the Registration & Expo ONLY if stocks are not sold out prior. Ferry and Bus tickets will not be available for purchase on event day. Please note: Ferry and Bus tickets are non-refundable so please choose carefully.

  • Can I purchase ferry tickets from Fullers for the pre-race sailing to Devonport?

No. The pre-race ferry sailings to Devonport are a chartered service therefore standard Fullers ferry tickets are not valid. You must purchase your ferry ticket when completing your online entry form. Only your unique charter ticket (wristband) will allow you access onto the pre-race ferries on event day.


  • Can I use my ferry ticket wristband to get back to Devonport after the event?

No. Your unique charter ticket (wristband) cannot be used on standard Fullers Ferry services after the event. They are only valid for the event day PRE-RACE sailings to get runners and their support to Devonport. You cannot return to Devonport with this wristband ticket after the event, you will need to purchase a standard Fullers ticket from Fullers for this purpose.

  • What does the Supporters Ferry Ticket consist of?

Participants can purchase ferry tickets for their supporters when completing their online entry form. The supporter receives a wrist band to take them on the pre-race sailing from Auckland City to Devonport, and a standard ticket for each supporter to return back to Auckland City after the start. The return ferry will leave on a 7:00am (sharp) chartered sailing after the start back to Auckland City.

  • I live on the North Shore and don’t want to drive into the City to catch the ferry. How else can I get to the Marathon/Half Marathon start?

In association with Ritchies, the event has established a bus service for the North Shore to the Marathon and Half Marathon start utilising the 'Park and Ride' facilities at Albany and Constellation Drive, and at a designated point in Takapuna. Click here for departure locations, times and ticket prices. You cannot book a particular bus departure time - you just need to turn up to one of the departure locations outlined below. Buses will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Bus departures back to Albany and Constellation Park & Ride Stations will depart with a 15 minute frequency on the Northern Express from 8:00am to 6:00pm. Buses departing Britomart at 8:00am, 8:15am, 8:30am etc should take approximately 2-3 minutes to arrive at the bus stop outside Victoria Park Market on Victoria Street.

  • Is there any form of public or organised transport for the 12k Traverse start?

In association with Ritchies, the event has established a bus service from the Britomart Transport Centre to the start at Smales Farm. This is a one way service only. Tickets MUST be purchased when completing your online entry form. Click here for departure times and ticket prices.

  • What types of drinks will be provided at the support stations?

Water, Powerade Isotonic (and flat Coca Cola on Marathon course only).

  • Do I wear my number on the back or front?

Your Race Number must be worn on the front of your singlet/shirt and be visible at all times. Failure to do so will result in disqualification or you being removed from the course during the event. Please remember to complete the section on the back of your race number with your name, any medical conditions and importantly a contact name and phone number (other than your own) in case of emergency.

  • What is the timing chip for? And where do I wear it?

At registration, all participants will be issued with a disposable timing chip that will be attached to your race bib.

Note: The KIDS MARATHON event will be timed therefore KIDS MARATHON participants will receive a timing chip with their race pack.

  • Can I check that my timing chip is working?

There is a facility (Chip Check) at the Registration & Expo where you collect your race items to check your timing chip.

  • Where can I leave my clothes?

At Race Headquarters, you will be supplied with a Race Pack Gear Bag and bag tag (please ensure your bag tag is marked with your race number and name with a pen). This bag is for you to leave any surplus gear that you have at the start (Marathon, Half Marathon & 12k Traverse). This will then be transported to the finish for collection, once you have completed your event. Only this gear bag will be accepted for storage.

All clothing is to be placed in the Gear Bag provided at Registration (NOT A SPORTS BAG) and clearly marked with your Race Number and name on the bag tag. Gear bags can be collected from the Gear Trucks located next to the Motorway Flyover at the finish venue, Victoria Park.

A Gear Bag facility is provided for the Heart Foundation 5k Challenge at the northern end of Victoria Park by the Victoria Park flyover bridge. You can leave your gear bag there prior to your race and collect it after you finish (please ensure your bag tag is marked with your race number and name with a pen).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any gear placed in a bag other than the Gear Bag provided will not be accepted, and will be the responsibility of the participant to get to the finish.

  • How do I find out my finish time?

The full provisional results will be posted to the official web site by 7:00pm on race night

  • Where do I go at the finish venue if I need help?

There will be a clearly marked Information Tent located in a prominent position at Victoria Park that will be staffed to assist participants on completion of their event.

Medical - Order of St John ambulances will be located at regular points along the route and each Support Station will provide minor first aid facilities if required. A full medical clinic will be at the finish. In the event of a medical emergency, dial 111 from the nearest phone and the closest ambulance will be sent to your aid.

  • Where do I find out about training advice for the event?

Refer to the pages on the web site under the heading Training for all your training advice, programmes, lead up events, nutritional and hydration needs.

  • Where are the Support Stations on the course?

There are 7 Support Stations, including the one at the Start for the Half Marathon and at the Finish and 13 for the Full Marathon. Each Support Station will include a minimum of water, Portaloos and minor first aid support.

For Marathon Support Station locations, please click here

For Half Marathon Support Station locations, please click here .

  • Who receives finisher's medals?

We are please to advise that in 2016 all Full and Half Marathon event finishers receive an official Auckland Marathon finisher's medal. KIDS MARATHON event finishers receive a KIDS MARATHON finisher's medal.

All finishers will be able to download their own online certificate after 9:00pm Sunday 30 October 2016 at no cost. If you wish to receive a printed A4 card certificate by mail, an additional $7.50 fee is payable with your entry fee.

  • Can I use an iPod/mp3 player while participating in my event?

In the interest of providing a safe and enjoyable event experience for all participants, the use of ipods/mp3 players is discouraged.

  • Is there a time limit or cut off time for any of the Auckland Marathon events?

Yes, there are time restrictions in place for the Marathon & Half Marathon events as outlined below:

Harbour Bridge: It is a requirement that the Auckland Harbour Bridge be fully open for traffic from 10:30am. This means that participants reaching the 9k mark at Smales Farm Bus Station after 8:15am will not be permitted to continue along the busway. Transport will be available at this point for those not making this cut-off time to transport them at 8:20am to Akoranga Bus Station or 8:35am to the Onewa Rd on-ramp by 8:40am where they will disembark to continue the event across the Harbour Bridge.

Any participant still on the Auckland Harbour Bridge at 9:50am will be transported across the bridge to Sarsfield Street to continue the event.

Marathon: Due to the expected congestion in down-town Auckland a finish cut-off time of 1:00pm is imposed. All First Aid support and Support Stations will progressively close along the course until 1:00pm. Finish times and results will not be recorded after 1:00pm.

  • If I am a walker, what times should I be aiming for to reach key support stations?

Half Marathon Walkers wishing to ensure they make the Bridge by cut-off time should have cleared the following support stations by the following times:

  • Winscombe St Support Station (4k) - 07:17am
  • Taharoto Rd Support Station (8.3k) - 08:04am
  • Smales Farm Bus Station (9k) - 08:15am

Marathon Walkers wishing to ensure they the make the finish line by course closure time should have cleared the following support stations by the following times:

  • Mission Bay Support Station (33k) - 11:15am
  • Okahu Bay Support Station (36k) - 11:45am
  • Britomart Support Station (38k) - 12:04pm

12k Traverse participants wishing to ensure they the make the Bridge by cut-off time should have cleared the following point by the following time:

  • Esmonde Road Southbound on-ramp (2k) - 9:25am


  • Where can my friends and family watch me on the course?

We have created a spectator viewing map with the prime locations for your friends and family to come cheer you on. The map is available for download  here .

  • Hauraki Corner - Join The Rock Cheer Team.
  • Smales Farm - Start of the John West 12k Traverse and great viewing point for the half and full marathon runners.
  • Curran Street - Join the Unitec Cheer zone with drummers, cheer squad, and free coffee for spectators!
  • Westhaven Drive - Join the Barfoot & Thompson cheer squad.
  • Tank Farm - Join the Mai FM cheer team.
  • Jellicoe Street - Join the ASB Cheer Squad and DJ.
  • Quay Street and Mission Bay - Great spectator viewing points along the marathon course.
  • Turnaround at St Heliers - Join ASB and support the marathon participants as they make the turn for home.