1 November 2015

2011 Photos

Find out how you did

View your 2011 event photos here.


About Marathon-Photos.com

Marathon-Photos.com specialises in photographing distance running events around the world, with images displayed on the Internet within days, for viewing and ordering.

Finding photos is as easy as typing in your name or race number and orders may be placed online, by post or fax.

Marathon-Photos.com is a division of Global-pix.com, an event-photography Internet Company. Related companies are Marathon-Videos.com, Triathlon-Photos.com and Cycle-Photos.com.

We offer a number of exciting photo options, including a Race Time Photo, which records your finish time below the photo and a Photo Certificate, which includes your photo and finishing details on a specially-designed certificate.

We have many years experience and employ a team of photographers to capture your running achievement on the course and at the finish line. For the best photos, we like runners to have their bib numbers clearly visible - and to smile!

We look forward to photographing you on the day.

Marathon-Videos.comAbout Marathon-Videos.com

Marathon-Videos.com is pleased to offer a video service to all finishers – Downloadable Personal Digital Video or DVD.

We have developed software that allows you to order your own video and download it to your computer within an hour. The best part is, it’s high-quality AND affordable.

The video includes scenic footage of the city, views of the marathon start and the winner finishing – and then you’ll see yourself finishing the race. The video ends with a personal certificate recording your name and finish time.

You may choose from two download sizes, depending on the speed of your computer– and you'll be able to download it as many times as you wish.

Visit www.Marathon-Videos.com to order your Personalised Race Video or DVD.

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