2 November 2014

Footwear & Apparel


ASICS - True Sport Performance Since 1949

Born in Japan, ASICS is at the forefront of the global sports market.  Highly regarded for technical superiority and rigorous quality, ASICS is undisputedly the leading sports performance brand for the true sports people and professional athletes alike.  By creating the best products for runners with research from ASICS Institute of Sport Science in Kobe plus 60 years experience of technical innovations, we continue to create the most technical shoes in the world.  These standards have put the company in good stead since 1949 and will remain hallmarks of the brand as it innovates and develops well into the 21st century.

At ASICS we believe comfort equals performance, that's why both our footwear and apparel is always designed with the runners comfort and support requirements in mind.

To view the full range of ASICS footwear and apparel visit www.asics.co.nz


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