2 November 2014

Fees & Options

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Below is a summary of the fees and options available to entrants in the Auckland Marathon. This information is taken directly from the Entry Information page of this website.

To download the Auckland Marathon, Half Marathon, Quarter Marathon or 5km Challenge Entry Form click here.

- Events & Distances - Entry Transfer Process
- Age Restrictions - Transport Options
- Entry Fees - Ferry Tickets
- Late Entries - Ferry Schedule
- Withdrawals - Bus Tickets & Schedule
- Entry Limits - Certificates
- Entry Transfer Policy - Text Message Service

Events & Distances

The Auckland Marathon offers a range of distances to suit all ages and abilities. The following events are available to enter in 2014: Marathon, Half Marathon, Quarter Marathon, 5km Challenge, KIDS MARATHON.


Proposed Start Times

06:00 06:50 09:05 10:00 11:00
King Edward Parade, Devonport
Half Marathon
King Edward Parade, Devonport
Akoranga Station, Northcote
5km Challenge
Sarsfield St, Auckland City
Kids Marathon
Beaumont St, Auckland City

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is the responsibility of the participant to know the correct start time for their chosen event.

Marathon, Half Marathon & Quarter Marathon

Course Distances
Marathon 42.195km
Half Marathon 21.09km
Quarter Marathon 10.55km

The Marathon, Half Marathon & Quarter Marathon can be entered either as a run or a walk.

For further information regarding walkers in the Marathon or Half Marathon events please see the Policy on Walkers section on the Race & Safety Information page.

Please note when entering that the Quarter Marathon does not distinguish walkers from runners like that of the Marathon and Half Marathon events i.e. you do not need to specify whether you are walking or running on the entry form. For safety reasons all walkers should start at the back of the field behind the runners.

Heart Foundation 5km Challenge

The Heart Foundation 5km Challenge can be entered either as a run or a walk. Single baby buggies only (not double or triple) will be allowed in the 5km Walk Event ONLY. The occupant of the baby buggy cannot walk in the event and will not be charged an entry fee. Wheelchairs, baby buggies (subject to above), dogs/pets, cyclists and any other form of wheeled conveyance are NOT PERMITTED in any of the events.

For safety reasons alpine walking sticks or other forms of walking sticks (e.g crutches) are also not permitted on the course.


The KIDS MARATHON is an exciting new initiative in its fourth year in the Auckland Marathon. For all KIDS MARATHON information click here.

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Age Restrictions

The following minimum age restrictions are in place:

  • Age 10 - Heart Foundation 5km Challenge Walk
  • Age 13 - Heart Foundation 5km Challenge Run
  • Age 14 - Quarter Marathon
  • Age 16 - Half Marathon
  • Age 18 - Marathon

Ages are calculated as at race day.

Note: All entrants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult (with the exception of KIDS MARATHON) for the entire duration of the event and the accompanying adult takes full responsibility for the safety of the entrant under 16.

All participants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. This refers to participants of age or above the restricted age per event but under 16 (except for the KIDS MARATHON) e.g. 10 year olds – 15 year olds in the 5km walk, 13 year olds – 15 year olds in the 5km run, etc.

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Entry Fees

Entry fees for any of the Auckland Marathon events will be processed by 'Auckland Marathon' and an item will appear to this effect on your credit card statement. You will need a credit card to enter online. Alternatively you can post a hard copy of the entry form (which is downloadable from the web site from June) along with a cheque. Please do not send cash.

2014 Entry Fees are as follows:


Entry Fee (NZ Dollars) includes GST
Half Marathon Fee
Quarter Marathon Fee
5km Fee
Kids Marathon
Early Entry Fee (Received by 5:00pm 17 September 2014) - Post / Fax $144 $106 $75 $40 $25
Late Entry Fee* (Received by 5:00pm 27 October 2014) - Post / Fax
(unless sold out prior)
$164 $126 $95 $40 $25
Registration Venue Entry Fee* (Received by 5:00pm 1 November 2014)
(unless sold out prior)
$189 $151 $120 $65 $40

*The Late Entry Fee and Registration Venue Entry Fee are only available if the entry limit for a particular event has not yet been reached. If the entry limit has been reached and the event entries closed then no late entries are accepted (see Late Entry information below)

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Late Entries

  • Early entries close on 17 September 2014, or as soon as the entry limit has been reached.
  • If the entry limit has not been reached, late entries will be accepted online and by post until 5pm, 27 October 2014.
  • Registration venue entries will be accepted (if the entry limit has not been reached) up to 5:00pm Saturday 1 November 2014.

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Entry Fees are non-refundable after 5:00pm 17 September 2014. Prior to this date, $25 of the entry fee will be retained to cover administration and handling costs for each withdrawal. Entries can only be withdrawn if notice is received in writing up to 5:00pm 17 September 2014. Letters of withdrawal should be addressed to Entry Withdrawals - Auckland Marathon, M129, Private Bag 300987, Albany, Auckland, New Zealand or email registration@aucklandmarathon.co.nz

Please note that all KIDS MARATHON entries are non refundable and non transferable.

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Entry Limits

Marathon / Half Marathon
  • Due to safety constraints at the start and finish, on the course and on the Auckland Harbour Bridge, a total limit of 11,250 participants is imposed for both the Marathon and the Half Marathon events.
  • Within this total limit is also a restriction to a maximum of 7,500 Half Marathon participants. This allows for a minimum of 3,750 Marathon participants.
  • If there are more than 3,750 Marathon participants before the overall limit is reached then the number of Half Marathon participants will be less pro-rata i.e. 4,250 Marathon participants will mean 7,000 Half Marathon participants.
  • If the 7,500 Half Marathon participant limit is reached then the Half Marathon entries will close. In this case, Marathon entries will remain open until the 3,750 Marathon participant limit is reached at which time the Marathon entries will close.
  • Please ensure you enter early to avoid disappointment. Entries will be accepted on a first come, first served basis, and any entries received after the limit is reached for any particular event will be returned with their payment. There is no wait list.
Quarter Marathon

The Quarter Marathon has a total limit of 3,500 participants.

5km Challenge/KIDS MARATHON

The 5km Challenge and KIDS MARATHON do not have a participant limit.

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Entry Transfer Policy

Participants can formally transfer between events (subject to policy below) or transfer their entry to someone else up until 5.00pm Saturday 1 November 2014.

Entries may be formally transferred upon the payment of a single $25.00 transfer fee. Entries transferred without permission of the Organisers will be invalid and will lead to disqualification.

Important Transfer Notes:

The transfer rules for entries in the Marathon and Half Marathon are outlined below for 2014.

Transfers at any time:

  • Transfers between people within the same event can take place up until 5.00pm Saturday 1 November 2014

  • The difference in entry fees will not be refunded for those changing down in distance to a shorter event.

  • The difference in entry fee will be payable by those changing up in distance to a longer event.

Note: All transfers from the Marathon down (or 5km Challenge up) to the Half Marathon or Quarter Marathon will cease immediately once these fields have closed i.e. Marathon entrants cannot transfer down to the Half Marathon once entries have closed for that event or down to the Quarter Marathon once entries have closed for that event.

Once entries have closed for any of the specific events:

  • If you hold a Marathon entry you cannot transfer down to the Half Marathon event or the Quarter Marathon event.

  • If you hold a Half Marathon entry you can transfer up to the Marathon event but not down to the Quarter Marathon event.

  • If you hold a Quarter Marathon you cannot transfer up to the Half Marathon event.

  • If you hold a 5km Challenge entry cannot transfer up to the Quarter Marathon or Half Marathon events.

Please note: Due to T-Shirts being printed to order transfers will not include a change of T-Shirt i.e. you will receive the T-Shirt selected in the original entry.

Entry Transfer Process

Transfers will be available from Early April. Transfer process TBC.

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Transport Options

Marathon / Half Marathon

Due to traffic congestion on the North Shore from participants accessing the start line in Devonport, we strongly recommend that you consider utilising the chartered pre-race services of the Ferry or Bus to get to the Marathon and Half Marathon start (see Ferry/Bus Tickets below).

Should you choose to use your own vehicle to get to the start, please allow plenty of time, and remember there is minimal public parking for participants in Devonport.

Rail and Bus Transport to Downtown Auckland City

No public transport (bus or train) into downtown Auckland City exists before 7.00am on Sunday 2 November. Private car is the only option to get into Auckland City for the Quarter Marathon and 5km Challenge start if you live in Central, Eastern, Western or Southern parts of Auckland.

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Ferry Tickets

  • Marathon and Half Marathon participants can purchase a $8.00 one-way ferry ticket from Auckland city/Birkenhead/Bayswater to ferry the start line in Devonport.
  • Due to the pre-race ferry sailings being a chartered service and the need to ensure boarding is as efficient as possible, a different ticket system (wristband) is used for these sailings.
  • Because of this and the pressure to process approx 7,000 people onto the ferries in a limited time NO OTHER FULLERS ISSUED TICKETS WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR THESE SAILINGS. Please purchase your unique charter ticket (wristband) when entering the event.
  • Ferry ticket wristbands MUST be purchased when completing your online entry/paper entry form.
  • Tickets are limited to 7,000 passengers travelling from Auckland City across to Devonport and will be sold on a first come first served basis.
  • Wristband tickets are only valid for the event day pre-race sailings. You cannot use your wristband to return to Devonport after the event. You will need to purchase a standard Fullers ticket for this purpose.
  • Supporters tickets (there and back) are also available for purchase online or by paper entry as well (see below).
  • Wristbands and supporter's tickets will only be available for purchase at the Registration & Expo if they have not sold out prior.
  • Ferry and Bus tickets purchased are non-refundable so please choose carefully.

Important note: Please be aware that your unique charter ticket (wristband) cannot be used on standard Fullers Ferry services. It is only valid for the event day pre-race sailings to get participants and their support to Devonport. You cannot return to Devonport with this wristband ticket after the event, you will need to purchase a standard Fullers ticket from Fullers for this purpose.

Supporters Tickets

Participants can purchase Supporters Tickets for $16.00 each when completing their online/paper entry form. The supporter receives a wrist band to take them on the pre-race sailing from Auckland City (or Birkenhead/Bayswater) to Devonport, and a standard ticket for each supporter to return back to Auckland City (not to Birkenhead/Bayswater) after the start. The return ferry will leave on a 7.00am (sharp) chartered sailing after the Marathon start back to Auckland City or on the first sailing of the standard Fullers service at 7.30am.

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Ferry Schedule

Auckland Marathon Ferry Schedule 2014
(Proposed schedule)

Fullers has based this year's schedule around being able to move approx 7,000 participants to Devonport by 6:45am and has released the following schedule. Note: the vessel used and the actual departure time may vary from the following.

Depart AKL


04:20 Superflyte
04:30 Starflyte
04:35 Quickcat
05:00 Kea
05:00 Superflyte
05:05 Adventurer
05:20 Tirikat
05:20 Quickcat
05:35 Kea
05:35 Adventurer
05:45 Superflyte
05:50 Tirikat
05:55 Adventurer
06:05 Quickcat
06:10 Kea
06:10 Starflyte
06:25 Adventurer


Additional Service (Proposed Schedule)



Depart Birkenhead

(Marathon participants must take this Birkenhead sailing to arrive in time)


Additional Service (Proposed Schedule)



Depart Bayswater

(Marathon participants must take this Birkenhead sailing to arrive in time)


Note: You cannot book a particular ferry sailing time - you just need to turn up to the ferry sailing of your choice outlined above. Note that it is important to arrive as early as possible to 5:00am or before (Marathon participants please see important note below for your suggested sailings) if you are planning to travel by ferry. Ferries will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We strongly advise all Marathon participants to take the earliest ferries prior to 5.00am (or take the 5.00am Birkenhead sailing)  to ensure you arrive for your start time of 6.00am. We strongly advise all Half Marathon participants to take the earliest ferries prior to 6.00am (or take the 5.50am Birkenhead sailing) to ensure you arrive for your start time of 6.50am. It is your responsibility to arrive at the start with plenty of time to prepare for your event.

For those participants wishing to park near the start in Devonport, ferries will be available to take you back after the event from the ferry terminal. To utilize this post event Fullers service you will need to purchase a standard Fullers ferry ticket directly from Fullers.

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Bus Tickets & Schedule

Ritchies has established a bus service for the North Shore to the Marathon and Half Marathon start utilising the 'Park and Ride' facilities at Albany and Constellation Drive, and at a designated point in Takapuna.

Ticket costs and departure locations are detailed below. Tickets MUST be purchased when completing your online entry/paper entry form.


Albany to Devonport

Constellation to Devonport

Takapuna to Devonport

$10.00 one way
$15.00 return
$9.00 one way
$13.00 return
$8.00 one way
$11.00 return*
*Takapuna Return trip returns to Akoranga & Smales Farm Stations. Transfer is then required to Takapuna Shops (no charge).


Bus Departures (Proposed times only)

Albany Park
& Ride

Constellation Park & Ride


04:50 04:55 05:05
05:05 05:10 05:20
05:20 05:25 05:30
05:35 05:40 05:45

You cannot book a particular bus departure time - you just need to turn up to one of the departure locations outlined below. Buses will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We strongly advise all Marathon participants take the earliest buses i.e. 4.50am Albany, 4.55am Constellation, 5.05am Takapuna, to ensure you arrive for your earlier start time of 6.00am. It is your responsibility to arrive at the start with plenty of time to prepare for your event.

From Victoria Park back to Bus Stations:

Bus departures back to Albany and Constellation Park & Ride Stations will depart with a 15 minute frequency on the Northern Express from 8.00am to 6.00pm. Buses departing Britomart 8.00, 8.15, 8.30 etc should take approximately 2-3 minutes to arrive at the bus stop outside Victoria Park Market on Victoria Street.

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Finishers will be able to download their own online certificate after 9:00pm Sunday 2 November 2014 at no cost.

If you wish to receive a printed A4 card certificate by mail, an additional $7.50 fee is payable with your entry fee. The certificate will be posted within 3 weeks of the event in a standard envelope. Please note that any damage to the certificate caused by the postal service is not the responsibility of the Event Organisers.

NB: Please ensure you spell your address details correctly when entering otherwise you run the risk of not receiving your certificate.

NB: If you change your address at any stage before the event, please email registration@aucklandmarathon.co.nz so that we can update your entry details and ensure your certificate is posted to the correct address after the event.

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Text Message Service with your finish time

You can purchase a text message service when you enter your event (International numbers can also be used with correct country code e.g. +61412677123). You can select up to six mobile phone numbers at $2.00 each incl GST that will receive a text message with your name, event, gun time & net time when you cross the finish line. You MUST purchase the text message service when completing your online/paper entry form. Please ensure you enter the phone numbers correctly.

The text message service is provided by an external third party provider who advises that despite continued efforts to provide a quality service, like many forms of technology (and providers of), for example emails and text messages, there is a very small possibility of failure, especially when they are delivered via the internet. Participants need to be aware of and understand this limitation when purchasing the text message service with their entry.

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